September 21st All Events

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September 21st, 2019 (September 21 2019)DeathVirgil, Roman poet (born in 70 BC) Virgil Quotes
September 21st, 2007 (September 21 2007)DeathHallgeir Brenden, Norwegian Olympic gold medalist (born in 1929)
September 21st, 2007 (September 21 2007)DeathAlice Ghostley, American actress (born in 1926)
September 21st, 2007 (September 21 2007)DeathRex Humbard, American television evangelist (born in 1919)
September 21st, 2006 (September 21 2006)DeathBoz Burrell, English rock musician (born in 1946)
September 21st, 2004 (September 21 2004)EventThe Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) People s War and the Maoist Communist Centre of India merge to form the Communist Party of India (Maoist).
September 21st, 2004 (September 21 2004)EventConstruction of the Burj Dubai starts.
September 21st, 2004 (September 21 2004)DeathBarry Noble Wakeman, American naturalist and educator (born in 1939)
September 21st, 2004 (September 21 2004)DeathBob Mason, British actor (born in 1952)
September 21st, 2003 (September 21 2003)EventGalileo mission terminated by sending the probe into Jupiter s atmosphere, where it is crushed by the pressure at the lower altitudes.
September 21st, 2002 (September 21 2002)DeathRobert L. Forward, American physicist and writer (born in 1932)
September 21st, 2001 (September 21 2001)EventDeep Space 1 flies within 2,200 km of Comet Borrelly.
September 21st, 2001 (September 21 2001)EventAZF chemical plant explodes in Toulouse, France, killing 29 people
September 21st, 2001 (September 21 2001)EventUniversity of Roorkee, becomes India s 7th Indian Institute of Technology, rechristened as IIT Roorkee
September 21st, 2000 (September 21 2000)DeathBryan Smith, Man who ran over Stephen King (born in 1957)Stephen King Quotes
September 21st, 1999 (September 21 1999)EventChi-Chi earthquake occurs in central Taiwan, leaving about 2,400 people dead.
September 21st, 1998 (September 21 1998)BirthBrino quadruplets, American actor/actresses
September 21st, 1998 (September 21 1998)DeathFlorence Griffith Joyner, American athlete (born in 1959)
September 21st, 1997 (September 21 1997)DeathJennifer Holt, American actress (born in 1920)
September 21st, 1995 (September 21 1995)EventThe Hindu milk miracle occurs, in which statues of the Hindu God Ganesh began drinking milk when spoonfuls were placed near their mouths.
September 21st, 1995 (September 21 1995)DeathRudy Perpich, American politician (born in 1928)
September 21st, 1993 (September 21 1993)EventRussian President Boris Yeltsin suspends parliament and scraps the then-functioning constitution, thus triggering the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993.Boris Yeltsin Quotes
September 21st, 1991 (September 21 1991)EventArmenia is granted independence from Soviet Union.
September 21st, 1991 (September 21 1991)BirthJordan Hasay, American track and field athlete
September 21st, 1990 (September 21 1990)BirthAllison Scagliotti, American actress
September 21st, 1990 (September 21 1990)BirthChristian Serratos, American actress
September 21st, 1989 (September 21 1989)EventHurricane Hugo makes landfall in the U.S. state of South Carolina.
September 21st, 1989 (September 21 1989)BirthLyn-Z Adams Hawkins, American skateboarder
September 21st, 1988 (September 21 1988)BirthBilawal Bhutto Zardari, Pakistani politician
September 21st, 1988 (September 21 1988)DeathGlenn Robert Davis, member of United States Congress (born in 1914
September 21st, 1987 (September 21 1987)BirthJimmy Clausen, American football player
September 21st, 1987 (September 21 1987)BirthAshley Paris, American basketball player
September 21st, 1987 (September 21 1987)BirthCourtney Paris, American basketball player
September 21st, 1987 (September 21 1987)DeathJaco Pastorius, American bassist (born in 1951)
September 21st, 1986 (September 21 1986)BirthFaris Rotter, English vocalist (The Horrors)
September 21st, 1985 (September 21 1985)BirthMaryam Hassouni, Dutch actor
September 21st, 1985 (September 21 1985)DeathGu Long, Taiwanese writer of wuxia novels (born in 1937)
September 21st, 1984 (September 21 1984)BirthBenjamin Wildman-Tobriner, American swimmer
September 21st, 1983 (September 21 1983)BirthFernando Cavenaghi, Argentinian footballer
September 21st, 1983 (September 21 1983)BirthMaggie Grace, American actress
September 21st, 1983 (September 21 1983)BirthJoseph Mazzello, American actor
September 21st, 1983 (September 21 1983)BirthAnna Meares, Australian cyclist
September 21st, 1982 (September 21 1982)BirthEduardo Azevedo, Brazilian racing driver
September 21st, 1982 (September 21 1982)BirthDanny Kass, American snowboarder
September 21st, 1982 (September 21 1982)BirthMarat Izmailov, Russian footballer
September 21st, 1982 (September 21 1982)BirthRowan Vine, English footballer
September 21st, 1982 (September 21 1982)DeathHovhannes Bagramyan, Soviet general (born in 1897)Hovhannes Bagramyan Quotes
September 21st, 1981 (September 21 1981)EventBelize is granted full independence from the United Kingdom.
September 21st, 1981 (September 21 1981)EventSandra Day O Connor is unanimously approved by the U.S. Senate as the first female supreme court justice.
September 21st, 1981 (September 21 1981)BirthNicole Richie, American socialite
September 21st, 1981 (September 21 1981)BirthRimi Sen, Indian actress
September 21st, 1981 (September 21 1981)BirthMeilinda Soerjoko, Indonesian-Australian actress
September 21st, 1980 (September 21 1980)BirthRobert Hoffman, American actor
September 21st, 1980 (September 21 1980)BirthKareena Kapoor, Indian actress
September 21st, 1980 (September 21 1980)BirthAleksa Palladino, American actress
September 21st, 1980 (September 21 1980)BirthAutumn Reeser, American actress
September 21st, 1980 (September 21 1980)BirthTomas Scheckter, South African racing driver
September 21st, 1979 (September 21 1979)EventTwo RAF Hawker Siddeley Harrier jump-jets from RAF Wittering collide over the UK. Both pilots ejected safely. One of the jets broke up in midair and fell harmlessly into a field but the other dropped onto the centre of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, destroying two houses and a bungalow. Several people were injured in the accidentincluding a mother and her babyand three people were killed.
September 21st, 1979 (September 21 1979)BirthRichard Dunne, Irish footballer
September 21st, 1979 (September 21 1979)BirthChris Gayle, Jamaican West Indies cricketer
September 21st, 1979 (September 21 1979)BirthJulian Gray, English footballer Julian Quotes
September 21st, 1979 (September 21 1979)BirthJaymee Ong, Chinese-Australian model
September 21st, 1978 (September 21 1978)BirthDoug Howlett, New Zealand rugby union footballer
September 21st, 1977 (September 21 1977)BirthBrian Tallet, American baseball player
September 21st, 1976 (September 21 1976)EventOrlando Letelier is assassinated in Washington, D.C. He was a member of the Chilean socialist government of Salvador Allende, overthrown in 1973 by Augusto Pinochet.
September 21st, 1976 (September 21 1976)BirthJonas Bjerre, Danish singer and guitarist (Mew)
September 21st, 1976 (September 21 1976)BirthPoul Hubertz, Danish footballer
September 21st, 1976 (September 21 1976)DeathOrlando Letelier, Chilean diplomat (born in 1932)
September 21st, 1975 (September 21 1975)BirthDoug Davis, American baseball player
September 21st, 1974 (September 21 1974)BirthTaral Hicks, American musician
September 21st, 1974 (September 21 1974)BirthJana Kandarr, German tennis player
September 21st, 1974 (September 21 1974)BirthAndy Todd, English footballer
September 21st, 1974 (September 21 1974)DeathWalter Brennan, American actor (born in 1894)
September 21st, 1974 (September 21 1974)DeathJacqueline Susann, American novelist (born in 1918)
September 21st, 1973 (September 21 1973)BirthOswaldo Sanchez, Mexican footballer
September 21st, 1973 (September 21 1973)BirthVanessa Grigoriadis, American journalist
September 21st, 1972 (September 21 1972)EventPhilippine President Ferdinand Marcos signs Proclamation No. 1081 placing the entire country under martial law. Martial Quotes
September 21st, 1972 (September 21 1972)BirthLiam Gallagher, English singer (Oasis) Gallagher Quotes
September 21st, 1972 (September 21 1972)BirthScott Spiezio, American baseball player
September 21st, 1972 (September 21 1972)BirthJon Kitna, American football player
September 21st, 1972 (September 21 1972)BirthDavid Silveria, American drummer (Kočn)
September 21st, 1972 (September 21 1972)DeathHenry de Montherlant, French writer (born in 1896)
September 21st, 1971 (September 21 1971)BirthJohn Crawley, English cricketer
September 21st, 1971 (September 21 1971)BirthAlfonso Ribeiro, American actor
September 21st, 1971 (September 21 1971)BirthLuke Wilson, American actor
September 21st, 1971 (September 21 1971)DeathBernardo Houssay, Argentine physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1887)
September 21st, 1970 (September 21 1970)EventThe Cleveland Browns beat the New York Jets at Cleveland Municipal Stadium 31-20 on the first edition of Monday Night Football.
September 21st, 1970 (September 21 1970)EventNew York Times starts first modern op-ed page.
September 21st, 1970 (September 21 1970)BirthJohn Cudia, American actor
September 21st, 1969 (September 21 1969)BirthJason Christiansen, American baseball player
September 21st, 1968 (September 21 1968)BirthRicki Lake, American actress and talk show hostess
September 21st, 1967 (September 21 1967)BirthFaith Hill, American singer
September 21st, 1967 (September 21 1967)BirthTyler Stewart, Canadian drummer (Barenaked Ladies)
September 21st, 1966 (September 21 1966)DeathPaul Reynaud, French politician (born in 1878)
September 21st, 1965 (September 21 1965)EventSingapore admitted as a part of the United Nations.
September 21st, 1965 (September 21 1965)BirthCheryl Hines, American actress
September 21st, 1965 (September 21 1965)BirthDavid Wenham, Australian actor
September 21st, 1964 (September 21 1964)EventMalta becomes independent from the United Kingdom.
September 21st, 1964 (September 21 1964)EventThe North American XB-70 Valkyrie, the world s first Mach 3 bomber, made its maiden flight from Palmdale, California.
September 21st, 1964 (September 21 1964)BirthJorge Drexler, Uruguayan singer and composer
September 21st, 1963 (September 21 1963)BirthCurtly Ambrose, Antiguan West Indies cricketer Ambrose Quotes
September 21st, 1963 (September 21 1963)BirthCecil Fielder, American baseball player
September 21st, 1963 (September 21 1963)BirthAngus Macfadyen, Scottish actor
September 21st, 1963 (September 21 1963)DeathPaulino Masip, Spanish playwright (born in 1899)
September 21st, 1962 (September 21 1962)BirthRob Morrow, American actor
September 21st, 1961 (September 21 1961)EventMaiden flight of the CH-47 Chinook transportation helicopter.
September 21st, 1961 (September 21 1961)BirthNancy Travis, American actress
September 21st, 1960 (September 21 1960)BirthDavid James Elliott, Canadian actor
September 21st, 1959 (September 21 1959)BirthDave Coulier, American actor
September 21st, 1959 (September 21 1959)BirthDanny Cox, American baseball player
September 21st, 1959 (September 21 1959)BirthCorinne Drewery, British singer (Swing Out Sister)
September 21st, 1958 (September 21 1958)BirthBruno Fitoussi, French poker player
September 21st, 1957 (September 21 1957)BirthEthan Coen, American film director
September 21st, 1957 (September 21 1957)BirthSidney Moncrief, American basketball player
September 21st, 1957 (September 21 1957)BirthKevin Rudd, Australian politician
September 21st, 1957 (September 21 1957)BirthPenny Smith, English television presenter
September 21st, 1957 (September 21 1957)DeathKing Haakon VII of Norway (born in 1872)
September 21st, 1956 (September 21 1956)BirthJack Givens, American basketball player
September 21st, 1956 (September 21 1956)BirthMarta Kauffman, American television producer
September 21st, 1955 (September 21 1955)BirthMika Kaurismaki, Finnish director
September 21st, 1955 (September 21 1955)BirthRichard Hieb, American astronaut
September 21st, 1954 (September 21 1954)BirthShinzo Abe, Japanese politician
September 21st, 1954 (September 21 1954)BirthPhil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, British musician (Motorhead)
September 21st, 1954 (September 21 1954)DeathKokichi Mikimoto, Japanese inventor (born in 1858)
September 21st, 1953 (September 21 1953)BirthArie Luyendyk, Dutch race car driver
September 21st, 1952 (September 21 1952)BirthAnneliese Michel, German exorcism victim (died in 1976)
September 21st, 1951 (September 21 1951)BirthBruce Arena, American soccer coach
September 21st, 1951 (September 21 1951)BirthAslan Maskhadov, Chechen rebel leader (died in 2005)
September 21st, 1950 (September 21 1950)EventGeorge Marshall sworn in as the 3rd Secretary of Defense of United States.
September 21st, 1950 (September 21 1950)BirthCharles Clarke, British politician
September 21st, 1950 (September 21 1950)BirthBill Murray, American actor
September 21st, 1949 (September 21 1949)BirthArtis Gilmore, American basketball player
September 21st, 1947 (September 21 1947)BirthStephen King, American authorStephen King Quotes
September 21st, 1947 (September 21 1947)BirthMarsha Norman, American playwright
September 21st, 1947 (September 21 1947)BirthDon Felder, American guitarist (Eagles)
September 21st, 1946 (September 21 1946)BirthMoritz Leuenberger, Swiss Federal Councilor
September 21st, 1946 (September 21 1946)DeathOlga Engl, Austrian actress (born in 1971)
September 21st, 1945 (September 21 1945)BirthJerry Bruckheimer, American film and television producer
September 21st, 1945 (September 21 1945)BirthRichard Childress, NASCAR team owner
September 21st, 1945 (September 21 1945)BirthShaw Clifton, the 18th General of The Salvation Army
September 21st, 1944 (September 21 1944)BirthFannie Flagg, American actress and novelist
September 21st, 1944 (September 21 1944)BirthHamilton Jordan, U.S. President Jimmy Carter s original chief of staffJimmy Carter Quotes
September 21st, 1944 (September 21 1944)BirthSteve Beshear, Democratic Governor of Kentucky.
September 21st, 1942 (September 21 1942)EventOn Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Nazis sent over 1.000 Jews of Pidhaytsi (west Ukraine) to Belzec extermination camp.
September 21st, 1942 (September 21 1942)EventOn the end of Yom Kippur, the Germans ordered Konstantynow Jews (Poland) to permanently evacuate Konstantynow and move to the Ghettoestablished in Biala Podlaska, meant to assemble Jews from nearby 7 towns among them: Konstantynow, Janow Podlaski, Rossosz, Terespol, and 3 more.
September 21st, 1942 (September 21 1942)EventIn Dunaivtsi, Ukraine, Nazis murder 2588 Jews.
September 21st, 1942 (September 21 1942)EventThe B-29 Superfortress makes its maiden flight.
September 21st, 1941 (September 21 1941)BirthR. James Woolsey, Jr., Central Intelligence Agency director
September 21st, 1941 (September 21 1941)BirthJack Brisco, American professional wrestler
September 21st, 1940 (September 21 1940)BirthBill Kurtis, American television journalist
September 21st, 1940 (September 21 1940)BirthHermann Knoflacher, Austrian civil engineer
September 21st, 1939 (September 21 1939)EventRomanian Prime Minister Armand Calinescu is assassinated by ultranationalist members of the Iron Guard.
September 21st, 1939 (September 21 1939)DeathArmand Calinescu Romanian prime-minister (assassinated) (born in 1893)
September 21st, 1938 (September 21 1938)EventThe Great Hurricane of 1938 makes landfall on Long Island in New York. The death toll is estimated at 500-700 people.
September 21st, 1938 (September 21 1938)BirthDoug Moe, American basketball player and coach
September 21st, 1938 (September 21 1938)DeathIvana Brlic-Mazuranic Croatian writer (born in 1874)
September 21st, 1937 (September 21 1937)EventJ. R. R. Tolkien s The Hobbit is published.J. R. R. Tolkien Quotes
September 21st, 1936 (September 21 1936)BirthDiane Rehm, American radio talk show host for National Public Radio
September 21st, 1936 (September 21 1936)BirthYuriy Luzhkov, Russian politician, mayor of Moscow
September 21st, 1936 (September 21 1936)BirthDickey Lee, American singer and songwriter
September 21st, 1935 (September 21 1935)BirthJimmy Armfield, Former English Footballer and Manager
September 21st, 1935 (September 21 1935)BirthHenry Gibson, American actor
September 21st, 1934 (September 21 1934)EventSuperpower Muroto Typhoon hit in western Honshu, Japan, Japanese government confirmed 3,036 killedied in Mainly destroy temple, schools, and other buildings at Osaka.
September 21st, 1934 (September 21 1934)BirthLeonard Cohen, Canadian singer and songwriterLeonard Cohen Quotes
September 21st, 1933 (September 21 1933)BirthDick Simon, American racing driver
September 21st, 1931 (September 21 1931)BirthLarry Hagman, American actor
September 21st, 1929 (September 21 1929)BirthBernard Williams, English philosopher (died in 2003) Philo Quotes
September 21st, 1929 (September 21 1929)BirthSandor Kocsis, Hungarian footballer (died in 1979)
September 21st, 1926 (September 21 1926)BirthDonald A. Glaser, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
September 21st, 1926 (September 21 1926)DeathLeon Charles Thevenin, French telegraph engineer (born in 1857)
September 21st, 1921 (September 21 1921)EventOppau explosion, a storage silo at a fertilizer producing plant exploded in Oppau, Germany, 500-600 killed.
September 21st, 1919 (September 21 1919)BirthMario Bunge, Argentine philosopher and physicist Philo Quotes
September 21st, 1919 (September 21 1919)BirthFazlur Rahman, Pakistani scholar (died in 1988)
September 21st, 1918 (September 21 1918)BirthJohn Gofman, American Manhattan Project scientist and advocate (died in 2007)
September 21st, 1917 (September 21 1917)BirthPhyllis Nicolson, British mathematician (died in 1968)
September 21st, 1916 (September 21 1916)BirthFrancoise Giroud, French journalist and politician (died in 2003)
September 21st, 1912 (September 21 1912)BirthChuck Jones, American animator (died in 2002)Chuck D Quotes
September 21st, 1912 (September 21 1912)BirthGyorgy Sandor, Hungarian pianist (died in 2005)
September 21st, 1906 (September 21 1906)BirthHenry Beachell, American plant breeder (died in 2006)
September 21st, 1906 (September 21 1906)DeathSamuel Arnold, Lincoln conspirator (born in 1838)
September 21st, 1905 (September 21 1905)BirthRobert Lebel, French Canadian ice hockey executive (died in 1999)
September 21st, 1904 (September 21 1904)DeathChief Joseph, Nez Perce leader (born in 1840)Chief Joseph Quotes
September 21st, 1902 (September 21 1902)BirthLuis Cernuda, Spanish poet (died in 1963)
September 21st, 1902 (September 21 1902)BirthSir Allen Lane, British founder of Penguin Books (died in 1970)
September 21st, 1899 (September 21 1899)BirthFrederick Coutts, the 8th General of The Salvation Army (died in 1986)
September 21st, 1898 (September 21 1898)EventEmpress Dowager Cixi seizes power and ends the Hundred Days Reform in China.
September 21st, 1897 (September 21 1897)EventThe "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" letter is published in the New York Sun.
September 21st, 1897 (September 21 1897)DeathWilhelm Wattenbach, German historian (born in 1819)
September 21st, 1896 (September 21 1896)EventBritish force under Horatio Kitchener takes Dongola in the Sudan.
September 21st, 1895 (September 21 1895)BirthSergei Yesenin, Russian poet (died in 1925)
September 21st, 1874 (September 21 1874)BirthGustav Holst, English composer (died in 1934)Gustav Holst Quotes
September 21st, 1874 (September 21 1874)DeathJean-Baptiste Elie de Beaumont, French geologist (born in 1794)
September 21st, 1873 (September 21 1873)BirthPapa Jack Laine, American musician (died in 1966)
September 21st, 1866 (September 21 1866)BirthH. G. Wells, English writer (died in 1946)
September 21st, 1866 (September 21 1866)BirthCharles Nicolle, French bacteriologist, received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (died in 1936)
September 21st, 1863 (September 21 1863)BirthJohn Bunny, American film comedian (died in 1915)
September 21st, 1860 (September 21 1860)EventIn the Second Opium War, an Anglo-French force defeats Chinese troops at the Battle of Baliqiao.
September 21st, 1860 (September 21 1860)DeathArthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (born in 1788)Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes
September 21st, 1853 (September 21 1853)BirthHeike Kamerlingh Onnes, Dutch physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1926)
September 21st, 1849 (September 21 1849)BirthMaurice Barrymore, Indian-born patriarch of the Barrymore family (died in 1905)
September 21st, 1842 (September 21 1842)BirthAbd-ul-Hamid II, Ottoman Sultan (died in 1918)
September 21st, 1840 (September 21 1840)BirthMurad V, Ottoman Sultan (died in 1904)
September 21st, 1832 (September 21 1832)DeathSir Walter Scott, Scottish writer (born in 1771)
September 21st, 1827 (September 21 1827)EventAccording to Joseph Smith, Jr., the angel Moroni gave him a record of gold plates, one-third of which Joseph translated into The Book of Mormon.Joseph Smith Quotes
September 21st, 1819 (September 21 1819)BirthPrincess Louise Marie Therese of France (died in 1864)
September 21st, 1798 (September 21 1798)DeathGeorge Read, American lawyer and signer of the Declaration of Independence (born in 1733)
September 21st, 1796 (September 21 1796)DeathFrancois Severin Marceau-Desgraviers, French general (born in 1769)
September 21st, 1792 (September 21 1792)EventThe French National Convention votes to abolish the monarchy.
September 21st, 1780 (September 21 1780)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Benedict Arnold gives the British the plans to West Point.
September 21st, 1765 (September 21 1765)EventAntoine de Beauterne announces he had killed the Beast of Gevaudan, but was later proved wrong by more attacks.
September 21st, 1760 (September 21 1760)BirthIvan Dmitriev, Russian statesman (died in 1837)
September 21st, 1758 (September 21 1758)BirthChristopher Gore, 8th Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1827)
September 21st, 1756 (September 21 1756)BirthJohn MacAdam, Scottish engineer and road-builder (died in 1836)John Scott Quotes
September 21st, 1748 (September 21 1748)DeathJohn Balguy, English philosopher (born in 1686) Philo Quotes
September 21st, 1745 (September 21 1745)EventBattle of Prestonpans: A Hanoverian army under the command of Sir John Cope is defeated, in ten minutes, by the Jacobite forces of Prince Charles Edward Stuart
September 21st, 1743 (September 21 1743)DeathJai Singh II, King of Amber-Juiper (born in 1688)
September 21st, 1719 (September 21 1719)DeathJohann Heinrich Acker, German writer (born in 1647)
September 21st, 1706 (September 21 1706)BirthPolyxena Christina of Hesse-Rotenburg, queen of Sardinia (died in 1735)
September 21st, 1645 (September 21 1645)BirthLouis Joliet, Canadian explorer (died in 1700)
September 21st, 1629 (September 21 1629)BirthPhilip Cardinal Howard, English Catholic cardinal (died in 1694)
September 21st, 1626 (September 21 1626)DeathFrancois de Bonne, duc de Lesdiguieres, Constable of France (born in 1543)
September 21st, 1586 (September 21 1586)DeathAntoine Perrenot de Granvelle, French church leader (born in 1517)
September 21st, 1576 (September 21 1576)DeathGerolamo Cardano, Italian mathematician (born in 1501)
September 21st, 1559 (September 21 1559)BirthCigoli, Florentine painter, architect, and sculptor (died in 1613)
September 21st, 1558 (September 21 1558)DeathCharles V, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1500)Holy Roman Emperor Charles V Quotes
September 21st, 1542 (September 21 1542)DeathJuan Boscan Almogaver, Spanish poet
September 21st, 1452 (September 21 1452)BirthGirolamo Savonarola, Dominican priest and ruler of Florence (died in 1498)
September 21st, 1428 (September 21 1428)BirthJingtai Emperor of China (died in 1457)
September 21st, 1415 (September 21 1415)BirthFrederick III, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1493)
September 21st, 1411 (September 21 1411)BirthRichard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, claimant to the English throne (died in 1460)
September 21st, 1397 (September 21 1397)DeathRichard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel, English military leader (executed) (born in 1346)
September 21st, 1328 (September 21 1328)BirthHongwu Emperor of China (died in 1398)
September 21st, 1327 (September 21 1327)DeathKing Edward II of England (born in 1284)
September 21st, 1217 (September 21 1217)EventThe Estonian tribal leader Lembitu of Lehola was killed in a battle against Teutonic Knights.
September 21st, 1217 (September 21 1217)DeathLembitu of Lehola, Estonian soldier
September 21st, 1051 (September 21 1051)BirthBertha of Savoy, German queen and Holy Roman Empire Empress (died in 1087)
September 21st, 0454 (September 21 0454)EventRoman Emperor Valentinian III assassinates Aetius in his own throne room.
September 21st, 0454 (September 21 0454)DeathAetius, Roman general (bc. 396)

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